Thursday, February 14, 2013

Minimate Customs: Rocket Raccoon

Little (admittedly embarrassing) backstory here: a bunch of us over at the Minimate Multiverse (your home for all Minimate chat) have spent the last several years championing Avengers villain Kang as a shocking omission to the Marvel Minimate lineup.  Well, last spring, the impossible dream became a reality, as Kang received a Minimate.  The question now, among Minimate fans, was whom would we champion next?  Within days, this became an all-out Civil War, as factions were formed, alliances were created and broken, and general chaos reigned in the Minimate world.  Oh, the fun we had!  I'm sure anybody reading this that wasn't there is simply green with envy.

Anyhow... I threw my weight behind Rocket Raccoon.  Two reasons (besides Rocket Raccoon being awesome): one, he's become an important part of the Marvel Universe over the last decade; and two, I figured he was beyond my customizing skills.  While the former is certainly still true (even moreso, now that the Guardians of the Galaxy are heading towards the big screen), the latter actually ended up being incorrect....