Friday, January 27, 2012

Minimate Customs: The Rocketeer

At the top of my short list of dream custom projects is Dave Stevens' the Rocketeer.  I just love the character, and the comic, and I think the movie is probably the best translation of a comic to the big screen (not that it's necessarily the best comics movie, but the closest to the source material).  The only 1/6 scale figure I own is the Sideshow Rocketeer, and he's also one of the only Kubricks I've bought. Much as I like both those figures, though, they just don't fulfill my desire for either a 6" action figure, or a Minimate. While the action figure remains a Disney-shattered dream,  the Minimate is, of course, a different story.....
Presenting... the Rocketeer!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Million Dollar Cheeto

There are a lot of ways to waste your money. Lord knows I'm something of an expert.  But I've not yet wasted a million dollars.  At least, I've not yet wasted it on just one thing.  And I've not wasted it on one thing that's a piece of snack food.  I wouldn't have thought I'd even have the chance.  But the world's a big place, my friends, and so I give to you:

The Million Dollar Cheeto

I've read this thing a few times, and I honestly can't decide if the seller is being extraordinarily sincere, or extraordinarily sarcastic.  I mean, lines like
I prayed for a way to enable me to do more for others and aid their needs.  In answer to my prayers…I didn't get a million dollars instead I got a Cheeto with a heart! And on the flip-side it smiles!!! No kidding! It’s totally awesome.

could go either way.  This auction's been up for over a year now, and he's got 31 offers, and I'd love to know what they are.  Is he holding out for the million?  If someone came to him and said "look, I've only got $800,000" would he turn it down?  

All I know is, if I was in a financial position to literally waste a million dollars, I would buy that Cheeto.  And I would carry it with me in it's little box and use it as the greatest conversation stater ever.  Perhaps, if a million of us get together and donate a dollar, we can pitch in and buy it and have it once a day for, like, every million days.  That sounds pretty good, doesn't it? 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Minimate Customs: CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Same as last post, here's another set of customs featuring one entry for the "Best Custom Minimates of 2010" contest, along with a friend.  Today brings us two of the best from the world of the WWE.  Remember how I said I wasn't as keen about Star Wars Minimates as some others?  Well, I feel the opposite about WWE.  I think WWE could easily be the most profitable Minimate license of all, since it features a neverending roster of characters old and new, easy variants, and would require minimal new parts.  Anyway, here's the only two WWE customs I'm likely to make....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Minimate Customs: Han Solo and Luke Skywalker

Well, the calendar's turned over, and you know what that means:  time for the "Best Minimate Customs of 2011" contest!  You may remember my post from last year in which I showed off a few of my nominations not yet posted.  Well, I'm doing the same thing again, but, as I've been much more proactive with getting my work out there, I've only two customs I plan to submit for consideration that aren't already up here.  So I'm going to divide them up into two separate posts, each one paired with a like-minded custom.