Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Made a Quiz-- Titles Won at WrestleMania

So I suppose by doing this I'm outing myself as a wrestling fan. Ah well. That's not as bad as when James did this (it's close, though). Anyway, this is a quiz of wrestlers that won a championship at WrestleMania. It's actually tougher then you might think, because some very prominent names never actually captured a title at WrestleMania (meaning they came in as the challenger and left as the champion). And some pretty obscure guys actually won multiple championships. I actually took this after I was done making it and almost missed a couple.

Titles Won at WrestleManina Quiz


  1. Ugh - I "only" got 46 out of 64 :( I should have had a lot more, but it took me a bit to get that they wanted individual team members for the Tag Teams.

  2. Yeah, it's a bit tricky, huh? Those tag team titles change hands almost every year. I thought it only fair to go with individual tag team names, since some of the winning teams didn't have a "special" name. I think the hardest part is those hardcore title changes, though. I thought about not including them, but it just didn't seem right. Hey, I didn't book the shows!