Thursday, April 14, 2011

Minimate Customs: Preacher, or I've Been Ripped Off

Last week, talented customizer cheap hack Bob Harris showed off his entry in Custom Con 28 (that's an online "convention" of various action figure customizers showing off their work.  Yes... it's as dorky as it sounds.  At least we're not cosplayers!  Well, maybe some are.  I don't know them personally.  Forget that part), this set of Preacher Minimates based on... well, Preacher.  The very bloody (but pretty bloody good, though that's a bone of contention between my lovely wife and myself) comic book series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon published by Vertigo several years ago.  Now, I know what you're thinking..." Hey Ken, didn't you make Preacher customs ages ago?  Weren't you all ready to submit them to Custom Con yourself as part of your big Vertigo Minimates set?  Didn't Bob Harris, despite living in Germany and not know where you live, obviously break into your house and steal your ideas?"

And the answer is: of course that's what happened. 

Because, as you'll see from these pictures, our formulas are too remarkably similar for there to be any other explination.  So I've decided to post pics of my own, just to set the record straight.

That's Jesse Custer (A.K.A Preacher), girlfriend Tulip, and vampire pal Cassidy, from left to right.  But let's look at pictures of each, since I bothered to take them in the first place.

Bob and I used the same starting point for this guy: the Spirit's chest, white legs, and a collar (though Bob chose an all-white collar, while I used a black one with a little white paint.  Artist's interpretation, I guess).  His head and hair come from VP Gaius Baltar, and while I still like the head, I have to admit that Bob's choice of hairpiece is better.  But ultimately, mine is clearly superior, because... he's got a Bible!  Yeah!  What kinda Preacher doesn't have a bible? 

So... Tulip.  Not much to say about her, except that Bob and I both had the tank top look in mind; seemed the most natural for the character.  Her head, I think, comes from this Starbuck, and her hair's from the White Queen.

Cassidy... well, I threw him together to complete the set, and because I had a Cyclops head and Hydro-Man hair that worked nicely for him.  We both used the same vest, though Bob did take the time there to paint his to be comics-accurate, so props to him.  Doesn't make up for the Bible, though.

So there you go... coincidence or thievery? You decide.  I should point out, in Bob's defense, he did also make these swell Seraphim and Saint of Killers Minimates, which I didn't do... but is he just trying to cover his tracks, Create plausible denyability?  Dunno.  I still can't figure out if he's this guy or not.

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  1. Man, that Bob guy really seems to be a pain in the ar**. I mean, you did them first right. You've chosen the right parts (well done, dude! High-five!) and he obiously copied them. You added the bible - THE BIBLE!?!? So what does he got? Some nifty decals? The cowboy and that mohawk angel dude? That doesn't make up for the bible, right? You know what I think? I think he's a real jerky. That's what he is. Pure fake! Go Ken!!!!!!11!