Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ironically, I Much Prefer John Hodgman to Justin Long

So I'm sitting here typing this on my new computer, a Macbook Pro. Yeah, I've gone to the other side. Actually back to the other side, as I first started with Macs some fifteen years ago, and only ever went to a PC when I decided I wanted a laptop and couldn't justify the cost of a Mac notebook. I still can't... but my mom can! Thanks Mom!!!!!

I'm still getting used to it, but learning to use it sure is easier then my PC was when I first got it. I mean, I literally took it out of the box less then two hours ago, and here I am, filling it with pornography (not really!). I have switched from Safari to Firefox, and will probably replace Quicktime with VLC or something like that. I'm just happy with how easy everything is with this machine. And I don't have to worry about viruses.

This last semester was kind of a nightmare for me because our laptop caught its' second virus of the year. Thing is, I have no idea how it got it, because I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary that would have lead to a virus. Really. I'm not lying about that. I was able to remove the virus, but the wireless drive or something was fucked, so the damn thing couldn't get online any more.

This lead to me pulling out of the mothballs my old, old first laptop, which I didn't think even worked any more. But it did... sorta. Not well, though. Not well at all. For example, it wouldn't install Adobe Acrobat, so any time I wanted to read a PDF I had to copy the file onto my external hard drive and get the other computer. Which wouldn't have been such a hardship, except they were both sharing a power cord. Yeah. Not fun.

But all that's behind me now. I'm a Mac. Woot woot.

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  1. a wise purchase. you will be pleased. as someone stuck between the two types at work and at home, there is a trust worthiness of a mac. like a toyota or something