Monday, December 28, 2009

Minimate Customs: Black Adam

So this one came about, basically, because Suncoast Video had DC Minimates Series 5 on clearance, and I racked my brain for something I could do with them to take advantage of the prices. It finally dawned on me that I could turn Captain Marvel into Black Adam fairly easily. I just put the boots and belt on a pair of black legs for the lower torso. For his chest and arms I decided to just use a black sharpie on the red parts that came with the original. I think it turned out really well; the sharpie allowed the muscle detail on the chest piece to show through, which you can kinda see in the picture.

The head comes from the Emo Peter Parker from Spider-Man 3, which I was thrilled to get such good use out of. I think the simple, angry face really looks great for Black Adam. And the hair is from the Sub-Mariner, which killed me to use, but sometimes in Minimate customizing tough sacrifices must be made.


  1. Nice and quick! And I know what you mean about Namor - I have used parts from chase figures before, and it kills me every time.

  2. I almost always will sacrifice a Minimate for a custom, though I will at times wait until I can buy a new one. Right now I really want to use the variant Six from BSG series 1 for a Night Nurse custom, but I can't justify spending the $20 or so dollars it's going to cost.