Sunday, January 31, 2010

Minimate Customs: Commishioner Gordon & Oracle

Dammit, I've really fallen behind in posting these. And this is one of the only reasons that I wanted to start a blog. Even if no one read the blasted thing, at least I'd have a little place to post my Minimates. And I haven't even gotten to most of the cool ones. Hell, I haven't even taken pictures yet of most of the cool ones. So we'll start catching up with a two-fer, which also begins our look at the Batman family. I've done more Batman related customs then anything else, with the goal of having the Batfam as complete as possible. It won't happen (Two-Face, for one, is beyond my abilities), but it's good to have goals.

This is really more of a Lt. Gordon, what with the light hair... but so what. It was a bigger deal to me to get the right hair style then the color, in this case. And the glasses... just what I wanted. I've seen other Gordons with drawn-on glasses, but I like this better. And, until they make a head with glasses and a mustache, I'll be happy with it.

So the head comes from one of the "Man With No Name" Minimates; this one, I think. And the hairpiece comes from a Jack Bauer. As you will see, I've made extensive use of 24 Minimates in my customs. Not much to say about his clothes pieces, except to say that I recently upgraded his trenchcoat to this one here, which was just released. One of the more baffling omissions among Minimate pieces was a good, simple brown trenchcoat. We've got lots and lots of black ones, and brown ones that have been styled a certain way, but no brown ones... until now. It always bugged me that Jim had a black coat.

Oracle was actually the one that sparked this whole customizing nonsense in me in the first place. For those of you that don't know, Oracle is the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, whom was shot by the Joker and paralyzed in The Killing Joke. Later writers gave her new life by turning her into an expert computer hacker/analyst. Anyway, the Batgirl Minimate happens to have a removable mask, and extra hair, allowing you to make an unmasked Batgirl. So I got to thinking that it wouldn't be that hard to make Oracle... and here we are.

The hair comes from the aforementioned Batgirl, the hair and torso come from BSG Gina (by the way, it was a big deal to me when I figured out that was the perfect Oracle head. Ah, memories). And her chair comes from Professor X. Sadly, the one accessory I really want to complete the whole thing- a laptop- was set to come with 24 Day 3, but that set was cancelled before release.

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