Monday, February 1, 2010

Minimate Cutoms: John Constantine

All right, let's do another one, while I'm in the mood. This is John Constantine (AKA Hellblazer), another one of my first customs, and one of my only attempts at painting. You can kinda see why I don't paint more... I might end up scrapping this coat and doing a Sharpie job on a white lab coat, which are always plentiful.

Anyway, Constantine holds a special place in my heart because of the spot on likeness. His head and hair both come from Jack Bauer. Fun fact #1: Constantine was originally modeled after Sting, but I think Kiefer here does a fine job as a stand-in. Fun fact #2: that's actually a woman's torso, the one I had left over from my Question custom. I really don't think you can tell those are breasts. Okay, maybe you can now....

Oh, and the cigar hand comes from Kara Thrace. I've always meant to paint it white. I mean to do a lot of things.

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