Monday, February 14, 2011

Poem for Hillary-- Valentine's Day 2011

As some of you no doubt know, my wife has been doing a new thing each day this year, and recording the results on her blog.  Of course I had many suggestions of things for her to try, one of which was to write a sonnet for Valentine's Day, which I'd do likewise.  Then we'd each post the results on our blog, as kind of a crossover.  I'm afraid it didn't quite work out that way-- we didn't write sonnets.  And Hillary's ended up being much longer then mine.  But mine's as long as it needs to be; it hit the point that I didn't want to add anything more to it.  So here it is.

 Song for Raining

The drops of rain tick- tack against our window
As we lay in bed; a lazy morn made
For lazy cats.
Our best moments come
Nestled against each other;
For love is meant to be a cozy thing,
A sustaining song echoed throughout the body;
And though love may change us,
Asking us to adopt new names, new roles
We gladly cast aside our old meanings
For what we find on the other side is
A better us, the sum of our wholes,
A small shining light
Spied in a dream.
And here's Hillary's.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I just wanted you to know that I keep re-reading this and it makes me smile every time. I am so happy and lucky to have you. xoxoxo