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Minimate Customs: Batman Friends and Foes

So, while we are waiting for the Best Customs of 2010 results to roll in, I thought I'd take the time to clear out some of my customs in one big post.  I've made a lot of Batman related customs over the years, so making a big post of some of them will serve as both a nice theme and to clear out some of my backlog.  Previously, I posted my Two Face and Commishioner Gordon & Oracle customs, so be sure to check them out if you've never seen them.

Modern Robin

 Made just in time to fall out of continuity, this costume was worn by Tim Drake post Infinite Crisis.  I think it's a nice update on the previous Robin costume, which itself was a nice update on the original Robin costume.  Ah, evolution at work.  This Minimate is basically an update of the previous Tim Drake Robin Minimate, using that chest, with the head from Bucky, hair from Jubilee (ironically herself a Robin pastiche), gloves and belt from an old C3 Batman, some red legs and arms, and a freshly painted Batman cape.  Of course, Robin is now Damian Wayne, and Tim Drake goes by the name...

Red Robin

This costume was originally designed by Alex Ross for Kingdom Come, a book a lot of people like better then I do.  But I think this costume is just terrific, easily the best Robin costume ever designed.  Here's a look at seemingly the only Ross image of this costume anyone has scanned:
Nice, right?  It combines all the best elements of  Robin's costume, updated with some Batman-inspired flair.  In the book, this costume is worn by Dick Grayson using the name "Red Robin", and I think had Alex Ross been around back in 1984, he might have just become Red Robin and not Nightwing.  Anyway, this costume was TG2BF, so it was (inexplicably) given to Jason Todd in Countdown, and is now (also inexplicably) being worn by Tim Drake as Red Robin in current DC continuity.  How long that will last is anyone's guess.

Anyway.  The Minimate was also made using a C3 Batman, in this case the mask (minus ears, naturally). The gloves also come from him, though eventually I need to shave off those Bat-wings.  His little skirt thing comes from Robin, of course, and the cape's a Sentry repaint (I think).  The chest is a decal, which I adapted from this Red Robin Cubee I found on Deviantart.  Finally, here's the decal, for any other Red Robin fans out there:
Poison Ivy

 I prefer the classic, Caucasian Ivy, as opposed to the green-skinned version that's been running around for the past few years, so that's what you get here.  Head's from Polaris (who quite conveniently has green eyes and lips), and the torso's from the White Queen, with some green Sharpie work.  Her hair is taken from Kitty Pryde,  and her gloves and boots both come from Robin.


I recall someone on the Minimate Multiverse forum remarking that this Tony Stark head would make for a nice Alfred head, and darned if it doesn't.  I'm blanking right now on where that hairpiece comes from (if I remember, I'll edit this), but I had the head and hair sitting around for ages before finally getting a tuxedo body hidden under this movie Iron Man.  Sadly, we almost got an official Alfred back in the C3 days, before that line was unceremoniously scrapped.


This isn't so much a custom as an update of the Catwoman released as, once again, the C3 line.  Basically, it's the mask, arms and gloves of that figure combined with the legs and body of the Iron Man Movie Black Widow.  I think it looks a bit more like Darwyn Cooke's version of her, though eventually I'd like to add the classic purple and green Catwoman to my collection.

Ra's Al Ghul and Talia

 These were actually cobbled together quite some time apart, but I keep them together for obvious reasons.  Talia uses Silver Fox (from Wolverine:Origins) as her base, and is one of my favorite quick customs.  Originally I was only going to use the chest until I found a better alternative for her jumpsuit look, but it grew on me pretty quickly so I've kept it.  Her hair's also from Silver Fox, and the head (I think) was under Batwoman's mask.  Gloves are from the Invisible Girl, boots from a Star Trek Minimate, and the belt and holster are from a BSG pilot.

Ra's would probably have to be considered a young Ra's; he sure looks healthier then normal.  But you work with what you have.  His head's from this Iron Man (and if not this one, then a different Iron Man), and his hair from this Wolverine (ditto).  His body, sash included, comes entirely from under the Mandarin's robe.  Not sure who I stole the sword from, but you can be sure he's not happy about it.

Mr. Zsasz

A minor villain, but fun nonetheless (can you tell I'm running out of enthusiasm for this post and just looking to get to the end?).  He came together when I realized that the head from Nitro would work just about perfectly.  Hair's from Eddie Brock, knife's from the New Goblin, and the slash marks (Zsasz is a serial killer who keeps a running tally of his victims on his body) are Sharpied.  Frankly, I was just happy to find a use for that stupid Eddie Brock hair.

Red Hood

Not a character I have any affinity for, and basically thrown together only because I realized that the extra Deadpool hood would work pretty well here.  Coat's from the Terminator, legs are from a Ghostbuster, weapons were scrounged from various sources.  One more to go....

Professor Hugo Strange

About as quick as a quick custom can be, that's the Old Man Logan Hawkeye head on one of these little Batsuits that were included with most of the C3 Batman vehicle sets.  I was just looking to use some parts up.

And this concludes my Batman customs to this point, save for one more who deserves his own post.  And I will never, ever look to post so many !@#$ Minimate customs at one time again.

EDIT: Aw man, I forgot Black Mask.  Well, he's pretty simple:
Ghost Rider head Sharpied black on Agent Zero's body. I originally made him for a Vanilla Minimates contest over at the Minimates Factory, then was too lazy to enter him.  Sigh.

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