Sunday, November 13, 2011

Minimate Customs: Doom Patrol

I've got a couple big custom posts coming up, but I need to snap photos, so in the meantime enjoy...

The Doom Patrol

 The Doom Patrol's biggest claim to fame is that they were the first characters in comics history to die on panel, going out with a literal bang as their series ended with Doom Patrol #121 in 1968.  Created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bruno Premiani, the Doom Patrol was originally something of an anomaly within the Silver Age DC Universe, as they were presented as freaks and outcasts among all DC's shining silver knights.  Oddly enough, the DP premiered in the same month as that other famous comic book team of outcasts, the X-Men; moreover, during their Silver Age run, the Doom Patrol was probably the more successful comic.  Anyway, I'm fond of them, so here they are.  Let's take a look at each of these guys individually after the jump.


Robotman's entire body can be found under the Thing here; one the things I like about the bulked-up 'mates we're seeing these days is that they provide nice, clean body parts for customizing.  I touched the blue at the top of the leg thighs, and that was pretty much all the work I needed to do (and I still managed to screw that up somehow!).  For his little chest box I used a Captain America shield harness; his shoulder pads come from... somewhere, but I just can't recall right now.  If I remember the source (or someone reminds me), I'll edit that in.

Oh yes, and that decal; looks spiffy, doesn't it?  Well, that's because it's not mine.  It was provided to me by one of the pillars of the Minimate community, Boyd; you can see his own Doom Patrol here.  Since Cliff Steele's face is not my work, I'm afraid I won't be providing the decal here, sorry.

Negative Man

If you look at Boyd's DP, you'll see that Neg Man's face is swaddled in bandages.  I worked on this myself, at first working on a few decals, then even trying out medical tape to create a more realistic look.  Ultimately, I decided that I just liked the look of a blank white head best.  So there he is, with some purple paint and this decal to round him out:


 Saving the best (or at least my favorite) for last.  Elasti-Girl came about during crazy-productive weekend I've mentioned previously.  I'm really, really pleased with her, though I can't recall where a single piece of her comes from, save for the Wasp's skirt.  So I'm afraid you're on your own as far as cracking that particular code, but I can at least get you started:

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