Friday, December 30, 2011

Minimate Customs: Firestorm

Firestorm is one of my all-time favorite characters.  For one thing, I love his Al Milgrom-designed costume, puffy sleeves and all.  It's a shame that his stock has faded so much in the last few decades, because he really was DC's hottest (no pun intended) new character in the early '80s (the latter seasons of Super Friends [then renamed Super Powers] were built around him, after all).  But later writers mucked around with him, and he mostly disappeared for several years.  There's a new Firestorm book as part of the DC relaunch, but it's by all accounts terrible, and it suffered the largest drop in retailer orders from September through November. Oh well.  But here's the classic Firestorm, in all his puffy sleeve glory.

Firestorm here actually shows how much I've developed as a customizer. The original version of this custom that I cobbled together used Ma Hunkel's chest, an unmasked Daredevil head, and Storm's puffy sleeves, with the latter two sharpied red.  It made for a passable Firestorm, but that's about it.  I've since painted the arms properly, and made decals for his chest (using a logo I found at Customego) and head (starting with Art Asylum's template for the Beyonder, and adding his mask by hand).  He's rounded out by Flash legs, Bullseye's belt (with the sides cut off and the buckle painted red), Jean Grey's shoulder pads painted yellow, and a trimmed Ghost Rider fiery top.  Just for fun, I threw together Prof. Martin Stein, one half of the original Firestorm Matrix, using mostly a lab Egon Spengler.  Perhaps I'll do Ronnie Raymond as well; it will give me an excuse to use those Marty McFly Air Jordan feet I've got sitting around, if nothing else.

Really pleased with this guy.  And here's my decals, so you can make a Firestorm of your own:

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