Sunday, June 30, 2013

Minimate Customs: Power Pack

Power Pack was a really awesome comic about four children that received super powers.  It's one of those great ideas that could be huge if only Marvel and (now) Disney would look closer at the potential of Marvel's lesser known properties.  Anyway, I made some Minimates of them.
Katie, Alex, Julie and Jack

I've wanted to do these guys for awhile, but the sticking point was always going to be that they'd be too big.  But DST recently introduced shorter arms and legs for younger characters; moreover, these were used as part of the Peter Pan line, readily available at the Disney Store, and now at clearance prices.  So there went my excuses.
Alex, aka Gee

It's more important to me that these guys be in scale with each other then the rest of the Minimate line, so oldest brother Alex is a regular size Minimate.  I think his head and hair both come from a Captain America Minimate, but I'm not sure.
Julie, aka Lightspeed
Julie, meanwhile, uses the old slipper feet seen on figures like the Penguin and Mole Man to make her slightly shorter then her older brother, but bigger then her younger siblings.  He hair's from BSG's Admiral Cain (a hairpiece I've never liked, so I'm glad to find a use for it); can't remember where her head's from, though.
Jack, aka Mass Master
One of the annoying things about this project is that I kept mixing up which arm was supposed to be black and which one was not.  This became comical when it came to Jack, and I painted an already black arm blue, only to realize it was the wrong arm and to have to paint it black again.  This is probably not his final head, as it's obviously too old, but it does capture the character fairly well.  I know there are numerous Peter Parker heads I can use, but I didn't seem to have any laying around.  If only DST would make a Spider-Man Minimate!  He also has a hairpiece I don't like, but it works.  Little boys always have bad haircuts.
Katie, aka Energizer
Finally, Katie is the baby of the group, and it was a real struggle to find a good little girl head.  Right now, she's got Tinkerbell's, but I don't know that it will be the final one.  Wendy's also works well.  Her hair comes from Mirage.  Oh, I should note that she and Jack both use the short arms and legs.

Decals were done by hand, and were not all that easy.  I hope they turned out all right, and that everyone enjoys them!

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  1. This is AMAZING! I have been screaming for these to be made. Power Pack were some of my favorite characters ever. I am so jealous! I wish I had them.