Thursday, March 28, 2013

Minimate Customs: Friends and Foes of Spider-Man

The other day, over at the ol' Minimate Multiverse, we got to talking about Spider-Man villains, and which ones still need to be made.  I've made a couple Spidey related customs over the years, and I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to show them off.  Plus, as a bonus, another Spidey-related custom... the most unexpected of all!

It's the Jackel, BTW.  The Spidey villain that most needs to be 'mated.

Jack O Lantern
When Diamond Select Toys gives you a pumpkin head, make Jack O Lantern.  Or something like that.  Jack's distinctive dome comes from Sam Haim; I painted over the tampo and made a decal from this Cubee.  His chest decal was made by modifying Iron Cow's Loki design, and his little collar is from First Appearance Doctor Doom.  I can't remember if his gloves came in that color, or if I painted them, sorry.  But here's the decals:

Boy, was this guy a pain in the ass to make, his stature as a villain not worth the trouble.  But he's one of those minor Spidey villains for which I am inexplicably fond, so here he is.  Just a decal and a yellow body; here's the decals:
Very simple quick custom: a Punisher head on a suit body (which suit doesn't matter, but this one's from the Puppet Master).  I can't remember exactly where that hair's from, but it's one of those awful early Minimate hairpieces that really only look good on a guy whose head is entirely flat.

This is not my formula, but I repost it for completionism's sake, and to remind people about an easy, awesome quick custom.  It's just a Sunspot body with armored Psylocke's cape and hood, plus Sentinel gloves.  I think that Jeff and Mattalica first came up with this formula, but if someone made him first, I'll update.

And finally...


Yes, Spider-Ham.  One of my few endeavors into sculpting, we have a Spider-Man Minimate with nose and ears added.  Man, would I like a real Spider-Ham action figure.  Someday....

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  1. Holy I cant believe I have missed these awesome customs! Especially love the Spider Ham!

    Jeff of the Miniacs