Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Minimate Customs: Ultra- Humanite

The Ultra- Humanite has been one of my favorite characters for years and years and years, ever since I first saw him in the JLA/JSA annual crossover for 1981.  While the Humanite is not a particularly major character, he did play an important part in a Justice League episode, which led to the first ever Ultra- Humanite action figure. And this led to one of my absolute favorite action figures of all time: the DC Universe Classics Ultra- Humanite Collect and Connect.

But no Minimate!

This guy took some planning.  While I knew when I saw Sasquatch that his limbs would make for a good gorilla, it wasn't until I realized that Blastaar's hair would work for the Humanite that I really began to think he was possible.  But, even if I could put his body together, his distinctive armor befuddled me.  I thought about a decal, but I knew that it wouldn't give me the right bulk.  I mean, the guy's a gorilla

And then I remembered Panthro's harness.  While I thought it would be serviceable, when I took a look at the actual part I was amazed at how close the designs were.  And I even had an extra!  It's like the Minimate gods were guiding my hand.

I filled out the formula with the hairy upper arms from Kuma,  the Spectre's chest (which, designed to appear ghostly, actually looks a little hairy), Terrax's armored skirt piece, and Omega Red's head.  I put that on as a placeholder while I thought about a decal, and I'll be damned if it doesn't work just fine.

I can't begin to express how happy I am with how he turned out.  Like the Rocketeer, this was a favorite character that I never expected to be able to pull off... and here he is. 

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