Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Minimate Customs: Parks & Recreation

Tonight, one of my all-time favorite shows, Parks & Recreation, begins its' final season.  I think there is no better tribute to this excellent show then to show off my Parks & Rec Minimates!  After the break, you'll see pictures of each individual figure.

Leslie Knope

Really happy with how this turned out.  Leslie is rocking her signature grey power suit, with a nice ruffly blouse.  Her torso actually comes from Gaius Baltar,  but he was always a little femme.  Her head is from another BSG 'mate, Ellen Tigh.  And her hair is from an Invisible Woman-- not sure which.

Ron Effing Swanson

 Ron Swanson's head comes from John Baxter, from the Man With No Name Trilogy sets.  His shirt is from the Jack Bauer collection.  And his hair.  His glorious hair.  My photo doesn't really do it justice I'm afraid.

Ben Wyatt

He's pretty simple.  Not much to say about him.  I've thought about making a variant with a Letters to Cleo shirt.

April Ludgate

Her head comes from Vampire Jubilee, which I think April would appreciate.  Her top is from Gwen Stacy,  and she wears it well.

Andy Dwyer

With an actual Chris Pratt head!  Actually, I think he's the worst likeness of the bunch.  But when you've got a Chris Pratt head, you make Andy Dwyer.  It's just what you do.

Anyway, I'm really gonna miss this show.  Hillary and I started rewatching the series from the beginning this weekend to get ready to say goodbye.  I recall the first season being pretty shaky, but I was surprised that the by episode four it had gotten pretty funny.  And then season 2 began with this, and the show never looked back:

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