Monday, March 18, 2013

Minimate Customs: Darkseid by Delia

So the other day I bought a second Blastaar from my buddy Luke, since it's part of his great March sale and I wanted to use his hairpiece for something.  So, when he came I took off the hairpiece and stuck the rest of him in my fodder bin.  Yesterday, I was digging through there looking for some parts, and Blastaar ended up in my hand.  My five year old daughter was hanging out with me (she likes to build Minimates from my scraps), and she saw Blastaar and said "I know who that is.  That's Darkseid".  I started to say "no, actually that's..." and I stopped, and took another look at him.  Hmmm, Darkseid, you say?
Not bad, right?  I mean, it's not perfect, but that's a pretty darn good bulked up Darkseid.  Thanks, Delia!

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