Friday, March 8, 2013

Target's Exclusive JLA Action Figures

So it looks like Mattel has found a use for their old Brave and the Bold molds with a line of JLA action figures that appeared last week at Target.  There's a wave of single carded figures- Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern- for $7.99.  Lex Luthor is also pictured on the back, but there's been no sightings of him so far.  There's also a seven pack, including the four heroes plus Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman.  That's $49.99, which is a good deal on a per figure basis.  However, when you take into account:

-Superman, Batman, and Aquaman are already a part of the B&B line;
-Flash and GL are available as single carded figures;
-Cyborg sucks (the figure, at least);

It's more like $50 for Wonder Woman, which is not so great a deal.  I bought Flash and GL, and I figure I'll take my chances with Wondy on either eBay or clearance.

The other thing to note is that the characters are in their New 52 style, which is an odd style clash with the Brave and the Bold style.  Superman, with his old-time Fleischer style head, looks pretty terrible.  Batman and Flash both have those weird armor lines painted on, which makes them look pretty cheap.  In fact, I'll be painting over my Flash's extra yellow lines, which makes him my first ever non-Minimate custom figure, I guess.  If anything, these figures show just how limited those Jim Lee designs really are; they only look good if they are drawn in that style (and even that's debatable), and certainly pale in comparison with the sleek timelessness of the original Golden and Silver age designs.

But, if you're a fan of the B&B cartoon and figure line (which I am), it's nice to get a few more figures to add to your collection, even if they don't 100% fit stylistically.  Flash was one of a handful of figures tooled for the line that never saw release (Captain Marvel, the Gentleman Ghost, and the Faceless Hunter are the others), so it's really nice to finally have him.  Brave and the Bold was probably the oddest DC toy line you'll ever see, considering how we saw the likes of B'wanna Beast, Plastic Man, and Blue Beetle before we saw Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern, but I hope these do well enough for a second wave-- particularly if that second wave includes a single carded Wonder Woman.

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