Thursday, June 19, 2014

Minimate Customs: Around the DC Universe Part 2

Back again with some more customs!  I see that it's been awhile since I posted any DC customs; seeing as how I primarily make DC customs, that means I have quite a backlog to get through.  So here's some favorites, including some obscure ones that I'm betting only I would make. Such as...

Yeah, that's right, Prez!  One of comics most-maligned characters (so unloved that he wasn't even included in Who's Who in the DC Universe), Prez was a very, very strange creation of Joe Simon.  Best known as the co-creator of Captain America, Simon in the '60s turned out some comics that I lovingly call batshit crazy.  Prez here was the first teenage president of the United States, and all he got for it was that lousy t-shirt, four issues of his own comic, and now this Minimate.

Black Condor

Another star of a short-lived comic book (this will be a trend here I'm afraid), Black Condor's book was quirky (the next issue description was literally always "Condor flies around and stuff") and is probably most notable for being the big break for one of my favorite artists, Rags Morales.  I liked the comic quite a bit, and always thought the character design was cool.  Hence, Minimate.
I have to talk a bit about his wings.  Minimate collectors will recognize them as being from the Vulture.  Well, I held off making Condor here for a bit because I didn't want to sacrifice Vulture's wings (by that point, he was already pretty rare).  Well, at the New York Comic Con one year Diamond Select Toys had their Build-a-Minimate thing set up, where you can... well, you figure it out.  Anyway, the loose parts bin was lousy with Vulture wings.  And I knew I should have taken some, but for some reason I didn't.  Oh well, I figured, next year.  And I went ahead and made Black Condor and left my Vulture wingless.  So the next year, of course, they didn't do the Build-a-Minimate.  And my Vulture stayed wingless until this year, when I finally got a new pair for him from an extra Falcon.  Our long national nightmare is over!

More Falcon wings.  They have come in quite handy.  Unfortunately, I now have a lot of... these.   Firehawk is pretty simple, thought for her hair I used an extra Nova hairpiece with some white and light blue paint liberally applied.  I think it gives her a cool, "my hair's on fire" look.

One of the very, very few customs to feature my sculpting skills.  Peacemaker is sporting a modified Stilt-Man helmet, and a lot of guns.

B'wana Beast
 Yeah! B'wana Beast!  It's amazing to think that this is the fourth B'wana Beast figure I own, with his DCUC, Brave and the Bold, and JLU figures on the shelf.  I had a lot of fun putting him together, trying to make him as manly as possible.  Hence, body hair.  He's a bit of my own design (I thought Jackalman's wrist bands added a certain panache), but I think he's still pretty recognizable as Africa's greatest white colonial jungle superhero!  God, I love Silver Age DC.


One final entry from my Cancelled Comics Cavalcade Collection: Chase was the star of a very cool espionage series set in the DCU, featuring wonderful early JH Williams art.  She's just s simple (but accurate!) quick custom.

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