Sunday, June 1, 2014

Minimate Customs: Friends and Foes of Captain America

The new Captain America movie has been out for awhile (I still haven't seen it), but the Minimates are just coming out this week.  So I decided this would be a good time to show some of the various Cap-related customs I've made over the years, including one of my very favorites-- Batroc the Leaper!

You can tell how much I like Batroc because I was willing to sacrifice a Hawkeye mask to make him (well, Dark Hawkeye).   Other then that, he's basically just paint and decals, though the decals were a real labor of love.  I'm really super happy with how he turned out.  Batroc is actually part of the aforementioned Cap assortment-- hopefully not to permanently join the ranks of "Marvel characters with movie but not comics Minimates".  Here's an action shot, with Batroc displaying his trademark savate prowess on his old rival.

A villain turned girlfriend during Mark Gruenwald's longtime run on Cap, Diamondback seems largely forgotten today.  I'm not even sure her status now, but I presume somebody killed her off at some point.  Which is a shame, because she's one of the better characters of that era, and I can see her having a useful role today.  Anyway, her trademark magenta hair necessitated the purchase of one of my least favorite characters: Jessica Jones, AKA Jewel, Brian Michael Bendis' lame shoehorned superhero.  Well, the character's not lame, I guess, but her fake place in history still is.  I know that her face was made by Sharpieing over a masked face of a different color, but for the life of me I can't remember whom. 

 The Captain
Also from Gruenwald's run (he wrote the comic for over 100 issues, so there's a lot of material there), here's Steve Rogers in the costume he adopted when stripped of the Captain America identity by (it was eventually revealed) the Red Skull.  This is the second time Steve took on another temporary identity (and, note to self, make Nomad), and it's a pretty nice design.  This costume is better known as the uniform of the US Agent, whom was the guy who was Captain America when Steve Rogers was wearing this outfit.  The custom is basically just a modification of the existing US Agent figure, with some Cap parts thrown in.

Sharon Carter

Steve's longtime girlfriend, AKA Shield Agent 13.  I think pretty much everyone used the movie Emma Frost figure to make Sharon, and I'm obviously no exception.

Flag Smasher

One final Gruenwald character.  Flag Smasher is a terrorist bent on the abolishment of all nations, making him a natural enemy of Captain America.  He's the leader of the group Ultimatum, and he's also probably dead.  The one thing I really like about him is his mask; I used a X-Men First Class Angel mask with a Stilt Man head underneath to give him the "mask with no pupils" look.  So clever!



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